My son I told you this a million times
you know that artificial creatures ruin your mind
I didn’t waste my time for a hairy bum
So listen to what I say:
Don’t date a robot my son!

Sometimes when I’m alone it comes to me
Am I the reason, or maybe society?
I know young hearts are foolish but please don’t act so dumb
She couldn’t give you love:
Don’t date a robot my son!

You know I was once a young man full of hope and joy
I thought the world was there to fulfil my dreams
Sometimes, believe me my son I felt like my balls were boiled

There she was (Who?)
my little erotic machine

I saw her a couple of times
but then I met your mom
She kicked my ass and said:
Don’t date this robot you chump!

When life gets really tough and full of agony
I’m sure you remember my words eventually
You don’t need a machine when you got your left hand full of fun
So listen to your father:
Don’t date a robot my son!

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